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Is Google Starting to Change Recruiting Methods?

Those of you who have read this blog for a long time know that I’ve been critical of Google VP of People, Laszlo Bock, due to lack of execution in the past. Things like placing an ad in a magazine and forgetting to launch the microsite or worse ignoring employee referrals that were highly relevant […]

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Yahoo! Launches New Applicant Tracking System

Yahoo! recently launched a new applicant tracking system interface over the past few days. It has a much cleaner interface than the previous one. It also has a box titled concept search, where one could enter educational and leadership qualifications, technical and speaking skills, passions, competencies and blogs to get suggestions of potentially appropriate roles. […]

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Post an MBA Alumni Job or Career Posting

Why post that experienced level Top 10 MBA business school or retained search opportunity to the masses when you could contact already well connected innovative thought leaders in Internet, search engines, mobile commerce, investment management, private equity and venture capital directly via the blogosphere? Thanks for dropping by via your search engine of choice. Comments […]

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Maybe Yahoo Needs an Injection of “New”

I missed this post last week on the Internet Marketing Monitor. It says: “Maybe an infusion of new thinking, new experiences, and fresh perspectives would be good for Yahoo.” Then later: “Maybe employees who weren’t yet ingrained with Yahoo’s past ways of doing things would be able to breathe new, renewed life into the one-time […]

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Rick Rubin Doesn’t Read Music

Per this Time article, Rick Rubin (just like Tommy Emmanuel) doesn’t read sheet music. Yet few would argue his skills and ability. The irony is that based on today’s recruiting processes in North America, neither would be granted an interview, yet they have been self-taught and are the leading innovators in their fields. When are […]

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Education is Becoming Prepared – Is Your Hiring Process?

From Page 52 of Time, in an article about education, December 18th, 2006: “Jobs in the new economy-the ones that won’t get outsourced or automated-“put an enormous premium on creative and innovative skills, seeing patterns where other people see only chaos,” says Marc Tucker , an author of the skills-commission report and president of the […]

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Best Blog Post of 2006 (non-search engine related)

On October 9th, I wrote this about Kathy Sierra’s “Knocking the Exuberance Out of Employees”. It’s a great post and it relates to a lot of problems in the business world in terms of having innovative customer service. Let’s hope her post prompted some people to realize that operating in this manner is a mistake. […]

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Andy McKee Featured on Youtube Front Page!

I first met Andy McKee at an acoustic music festival in Kansas in 2003. He is among several awesome fingerstyle guitar players including Tommy Emmanuel (see my Tommy Emmanuel interview), Neil Jacobs, Brian Henke, Peppino D’Agostino and others that don’t get mass media exposure. For several years these great players have labored with little or […]

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