Integrated Into Yahoo! Search Results (Finally)

Michael Arrington has broken this extremely important story of Yahoo! integrating results into the search engine results on a test basis.

As many of you might recall, founder Joshua Schachter (who has not yet bookmarked my blog in sold to Yahoo! in December, 2005 making Fred Wilson a happy man.

Many people in the search engine community tell me at conferences that other search players have actually been getting more value from since the acquisition because they have crawled If Yahoo! were to hire me as a consultant, it’s something I might want to do some testing and learning with to see how it would affect the competition.

To test this theory, I registered a domain last Summer and tossed it on a host and had a few friends post a entry but gave the site no other links and checked it once a week. The following engines indexed the domain in this order: Google,, Yahoo! and then Ask. A few weeks ago I noticed a significant shift in some Yahoo! rankings and now it made sense now that this change is apparent.

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So why did this take so long? This is a good question. You may recall all the hub bub in 2006 about Yahoo! building modular programs that could be easily swapped out. This obviously has taken considerably longer to complete than the initial estimates. But this is a sign of a much needed glimmer of light eminating from Yahoo!


– Good move for Yahoo! overall in terms of relevancy (though this did not need it to be visible?).

– This move is not without a significant risk. What if Yahoo! users were to migrate enmass to and make it their default search engine? It’s not monetized. If this scenario were to occur in the current state Yahoo!’s earnings would take a serious hit. Robert Peck at Bear Stearns should most definitely analyze this scenario.

– The display of the social media result might prove distracting to the user and users may defect to other search engines.

– This may attract more spam activity.

What do you think of this move by Yahoo! to test integration of into Yahoo! search results?

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